What happens when your fuel filter is full of debris?

Do you notice that your truck has low power? or a surging idle? Possibly you have a fuel filter full of debris and needs to be serviced or replaced. Don’t wait. Bring your vehicle in for service before you have problems. If you do have symptoms bring your truck and let us fix your problem.

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1 thought on “What happens when your fuel filter is full of debris?

  1. We recieved service from Dukes.
    Not only did they fix the problem,
    they went out or their way to address another issue that we did not know they could even handle!
    I’ve never been more impressed and satisfied by a diesel shop- these folks are the real deal.
    The owner shows the absolute highest degree of integrity and obviously knows the value of customer appreciation.
    Highly recommended!! 10 out of 5 stars. Yes. Double the quality care and skill of any competition in Wa state or possibly the U.S.
    Todd Brenden Accessgentlemoving .

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