6 Liter Ford Specialists

Having problems with your Ford 6 Liter? Don’t take it to the dealer…Bring it to Duke’s Truck Repair. We are experts in handling the problems associated with this truck. We can help!!

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2 thoughts on “6 Liter Ford Specialists

  1. Hi Guys,

    I have a 2005 F250 6.0l Diesel Super Duty that I bought not to long ago. Its been modded which i’m a little unaware on what has been done and what I need to make sure I get the long life out of this rig. Any help would be very helpful. Would like to come in and schedule a oil change and go from there. Thanks again!

    Larry Richards 253-720-5775

  2. Truck is intermittently generating loud fan/induction noise with high engine coolant temp. I will continue driving and the problem goes away, temps reduce.

    Recent addition to this is white smoke out the exhaust.

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